In today's dynamic world, where change is a constant and assets are intangible, attaining business confidence is very difficult and traditional methods to provide assurance are not enough. We, at Chhogmal & Co., are capable of evaluating and appropriately disclosing what laws, regulations and accounting standards require in the new economy. Our range of services in this area includes:

Statutory / Taxation Audits:

These audits have to be conducted by companies to ascertain whether the financial statements give a “True and Fair†view and the company has complied with all the Accounting Standards issued by ICAI and other requirements of Company Law, Taxation Laws and other Regulations. We also have many NGO's and trust as our clients.

Our approach:

  • Review of internal control systems
  • Verification of books of account
  • Physical verification of assets
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Management / Internal Audits

These audits are conducted in order to provide the management with a clear, comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the functional efficiency of the organization.

Our approach:

  • Review of existing systems and operations by identifying client’s business needs.
  • Critical analysis of operations with reference to the objectives set.
  • Identifying and recommending areas for cost reducing and improvement in operational efficiency and assisting the managers in implementing them.

Other Audits

Besides the above core areas, Chhogmal & Co. also specializes in:

  • Concurrent audits
  • Systems audit
  • Stock audit
  • Fixed Assets Audit
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